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Sunday, August 27, 2006


Melindas Blue Nova

It was Nineteen-Seventy-Seven
And Dad bought a shiny new Chevy Nova
He thought he was in Heaven
And I was but Twenty-seven

It was Nineteen Seventy-Eight
The Chevy Nova was registered as Roland Applegate's
And I was but Twenty-Eight

It was Nineteen Seventy-Nine
I took a trip with that Dad of mine
And I was but twenty-nine
In the not too new, but still shiny blue,
In Dad's Chevy Nova

We traveled to Reno
Just my Dad and Me
We talked and laughed
And played the nickel slots
and lost lots
Memories I'll never get over
In the blue Chevy Nova

It was Nineteen Eighty
And my life became weighty
With no more road miles
Filled with smiles
In Dad's blue Chevy Nova

It was Nineteen Eighty-One
And Dad made his last drive
To the hospital this time
In his blue Chevy Nova

It was Nineteen Eighty-Two
My Mom was alone now and blue
But she learned to drive
Dad's blue Chevy Nova

In Nineteen Eighty-Three
Mom came to live with me
A long trip from California
To Arizona
In the blue Chevy Nova

From Nineteen Eighty-One
Until Nineteen Ninety-Six
Mom drove Dad's Chevy Nova
She kept her like new
Shiny and blue
And Dad knew it too

It was Nineteen Ninety-Seven
My Mom's spirit rose to heaven
The blue Chevy Nova was mine now
And I was but Forty-Seven

I drove the old car each day
And kept her shiny and blue
For when driving that car
Though I know it may sound silly to you
I could feel the spirit of Mom and Dad too

It was Nineteen-Ninety-Nine
And the blue Chevy Nova was still mine
A Two-Thousand Mile Trip to Washington DC

And that took a long timeNew tires, A/C, heater, brakes, wheels
And carburetor too
A professional wax job made her shine
Almost like new
It was sad to part with this old shoe

Soon the old car began to show
The wear and tare
Of so many years
Like losing an old friend
It brought me to tears

It was in the year Two Thousand
And I'm Fifty now
I gave the old car to a dear loving friend
And hope she will drive many more miles
With scenic trips and smiles
In the old blue Chevy Nova