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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Information in English

On this blog two Swedes - a father and his son - will report with words and pictures from their two month long journey across the North American continent, starting August 1, 2006. From Sweden they have brought their old red Volvo PV 1965, now converted into a Hot Rod convertible.

Follow their adventures as they ride the open roads in their open car along the legendary Route 66.

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Cool Trip. Let's see some pics of the hot rod PV!
We met Hans and Jonas in Angola, Indiana, and had a wonderful time treating them to $1 dollar beers at a local nightclub and interviewing them for a story in the newspaper. These guys are fun and eager for adventure. Thanks for stopping in our town, which was a hideout for the rich and famous in the first half of the 20th century. People who came here included Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Kathryn Hepburn, P.T. Barnum, Johnny Cash and dozens of country music stars, and now Hans and Jonas! We'll be sending photos of their night with us very soon.
My parents live in Angola, Indiana, one of the stops on your trip. They sent the article to us in Hanover, New Hampshire. My husband, Peter, is from Lund, Sweden so he was very interested in the story of the Swedish Hot Rod travels. We're curious what parts of the country remind you of the Swedish landscape. Best of luck on your journey!
Hello Hans and Jonas! We just met at Donut Derelicts in Huntington Beach, "Surf City", California. We all love your car and really enjoyed meeting you both. Have a wonderful trip home. Hope you had some kicks on Route 66.
-Julie & Jeff Delaney with the red 58 PV444, David, Barbara, Chuck, Wilma, Josephine & Jeffrey Rucker
We will post some pictures to my web page. http://www.juliedelaney.com
hello i seen that picture of the old international you took in ludlow, Ca. did you by any chance talk to some one about that truck ? that truck is actully a 1953-1955 because it a two door. i own one and it a 56 and its 3door. ANY information would be a great help please. Great trip tho.srpatrick1975@yahoo.com
Thank you,
I would be interested in purchasing that old stretched 38 or 39 Packard Super 8 which a photo was taken by Hans & Jonas in Galena, Kansas somewhere along route 66. Can someone put me in contact with Hans and Jonas or direct me to where the car is located. Thank you Joe www.reservation@quartzlimousine.com or call at 1-866-737-5466 or in Montreal, Quebec, Canada at 514-878-2789
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